Draft Kings is here, get ready to play with DF HQ.

DraftKings has finally arrived in the UK and here at Daily Fantasy HQ we’ve laid out a complete guide to win big at this beautiful game. We literally cover everything from setting up a DraftKings account to fundamental DraftKings’ Strategy.

What makes us different from other blogs looking at Daily Fantasy Football is we have an expertise purely in football. Our team here at Daily Fantasy HQ combines betting & fantasy football experts which will give you their insight into DraftKings.

For experiences DraftKings players, we also offer detailed weekly analysis and fascinating blogs to keep you happy. These articles will provide relevant content to keep an eye on before picking your team.

Firstly, what is DraftKings?

The simplest answer is it’s fantasy football for money.

Only unlike standard fantasy football, it takes place over 1 round or weekend of football. Meaning quicker payouts and less boring season long commitments. Lovely, Exactly what the doctor ordered.


How do you make money?

Once you start entering contests you win money by finishing in a payout position. This doesn’t always mean finishing top, in some contests you only need to finish in the top half to win.

Another key point is you don’t have to pay to win money. There’s free to play tournaments for small cash prizes. Then there’s pay to play tournaments for Big prize money.

Liking the sound of that? Yep not bad.


How’s it different to regular fantasy football?

Kind of answered above but:

  • It’s over 1 week. Not the 30-odd you get in standard FF. Which lead to god knows how many forgotten team picks and gets in the way of work, drinking & everything else in your life .
  • You can win money. Real Money.DraftKings guarantees $1 billion in payouts every year and there are payouts every week. Not like in FF where you need to finish 1st of 10 billion people to win a few quid.
  • Options. There are so many games to play in DraftKings all have their perks.
  • Some small rule differences we look at in how to play.

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EPL DraftKing English Premier League Series

premier league

Our highly anticipated English Premier League DraftKings series has launched!

In this series of articles, we discuss our players to watch for the upcoming features, past results and anything else which may help you win in EPL DraftKings events.

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Don’t worry we’ll help you beat your mates and that girl in accounts who keeps getting those “flukey” wins in fantasy football.